Recent Press

December 8, 2017: National Review: Public Unions Can’t Deny Their Activism
September 9, 2017: Toledo Blade: Free speech can sometimes be ugly
August 31, 2017: Toledo Blade: Perrysburg prevented from prohibiting political signs
April 10, 2017: Toledo Blade: Company shifts area ethane pipeline route
October 26, 2016: Cato Daily Podcast: Bureaucratic Searches vs. the Fourth Amendment
October 23, 2016: Toledo Blade: End private takings of land
October 18, 2016: Washington Post: Victories for property rights in Pennsylvania and Ohio state courts
October 17, 2016: Sandusky Register: Ruling could help farmers battling pipelines
October 13, 2016: Sentinel-Tribune: Court rules Kinder Morgan can’t use eminent domain for pipeline
October 12, 2016: Toledo Blade: Wood County judge nixes pipeline builder’s eminent domain plans
August 30, 2016: Sentinel-Tribune: Landowners challenge notion of positive impact from pipeline
July 28, 2016: Column: Refund checks finally in the mail
June 2, 2016: Columbus Dispatch: Ohio can’t demand records from gold shops without warrant, judge rules
March 31, 2016: Column: Indian Hill school district tax refund check
January 8, 2016: Indian Hill school district has to give back tax money
November 17, 2015: Ohio Watchdog: Ohio judge: Blog post criticizing mayor not defamation
November 16, 2015: The Plain Dealer: Judge tosses Maple Heights mayor’s suit against councilman
November 11, 2015: 700WLW Cincinnati: Indian Hill School District to Return $5.5 Million in Illegal Taxes
November 3, 2015: Ohio Watchdog: Ohio court says city can’t use ‘quick-take’ to seize property
November 2, 2015: Newsweek: Ohio Weighs Legalizing Recreational Marijuana
October 30, 2015: Columbus Dispatch: Conservative lawyer sees ill effects from ‘anti-monopoly’ Issue 2
October 24, 2015: The Times Herald: Wallace: Federal court rules rental inspections unconstitutional
October 23, 2015: Daily Signal: Homeowners in This Ohio Town Had Their Front Yards Seized By the Government
October 12, 2015: Medical Daily: Amish Family Wins Chemotherapy Case; Daughter No Longer Forced To Receive Leukemia Treatment
October 9, 2015: U.S. News and World Report: Ohio judge ends guardianship of Amish girl who resisted bid to force chemotherapy
October 9, 2015: Business Insider: Court battle over Amish girl’s cancer treatment ends
October 4, 2015: Columbus Dispatch: Rental inspections ruled unconstitutional
October 2, 2015: Medina Gazette: Attorney: Amish girl who fled country to avoid chemo is cancer-free
October 2, 2015: WDTN-TV 2: Federal judge rules Ohio city’s warrantless rental property inspections are unconstitutional
October 1, 2015: Portsmouth Daily Times: The original Portsmouth licensing fee declared unconstitutional
September 29, 2015: Opinion: Ozone rules would devastate Ohio economy
September 9, 2015: Portsmouth Daily Times: Term limits to be ballot issue
September 7, 2015: Toledo Blade: Proposals to tighten, loosen state term limits gain traction
July 8, 2015: Toledo News Now: Perrysburg city council voting on eminent domain issue for Fort Meigs Road project [VIDEO]
June 30, 2015: Akron Beacon Journal via Associated Press: Ohio senators delay vote on anti-monopoly item aimed at pot
June 20, 2015: San Francisco Chronicle: Ohio lawmakers send anti-monopoly measure to fall ballot
May 17, 2015: Town Hall: Democracy By Pretense
May 15, 2015: Columbus Dispatch: Battle brewing in Ohio over extension of term limits
May 15, 2015: Morning Journal: Defenders of term limits take fight to Ohio’s capital city
May 15, 2015: Toledo Blade: Ohio legislators’ term-limit proposal stirs debate
May 14, 2015: The Plain Dealer: Political action group formed to fight any attempt to change Ohio’s legislative term limits
May 14, 2015: WKBN 27 First News: Defenders of term limits take fight to Ohio’s capital city
May 4, 2015: Columbus Dispatch: Maurice Thompson commentary: Ohio is better off with term limits for state lawmakers
March 16, 2015: Columbus Dispatch: Judge finds Husted liable for enforcing unconstitutional law
March 12, 2015: Indian Hill Board stonewalls refund of inside millage tax
March 4, 2015: The Plain Dealer: Obamacare case before Supreme Court could lead to chaos, advocates say
March 3, 2015: 610 WTVN: Maurice Thompson’s radio interview with Joel Riley [AUDIO]
March 3, 2015: WCBE 90.5 FM: Federal Court Case On ACA Subsidies Could Affect 235,000 Ohioans
March 3, 2015: Fierce Health Payer: Past amendments could prohibit states from establishing exchanges
March 2, 2015: National Journal: Those Obamacare Nullification Amendments Could Make a Big Comeback Post-SCOTUS
January 23, 2015: Sandusky Register: Public events announced on proposed gas pipeline
January 15, 2015: Natural Gas Intel: Ohio Couple Fighting Eminent Domain For Tetco Project
December 22, 2015: Opinion: Red-light camera ruling a fail